On 14th April, 2023 the Newark Air Museum (NAM) will have been officially open to the public for fifty (50) years. To celebrate this golden jubilee anniversary, NAM is hosting a two-day special event on the weekend of 15th and 16th April, at its site in eastern Nottinghamshire, close to the Lincolnshire county border.

Various themes will be marked during the event to recognise both NAM’s past achievements, and also with an eye to the future developments and associations.

One particular aim is to try and get as many people as possible to attend the celebrations, who were at the official opening back in 1973. NAM already has a number of people amongst its membership who fit that profile, but the museum trustees are keen to make contact with any members of the public who were at the official opening in 1973.

The official opening in 1973 was marked with the release of a special First Day Cover, copies of which were flown across the local area in various aircraft. If anyone attends the Golden Jubilee event with an original First Day Cover, that person will be allowed free admission to the museum celebrations.

Looking to the future, the event will be the first time that NAM has hosted a display from the Air and Space Institute (ASI) in Newark, who will be present on both days and who are creating exciting opportunities within aviation.

Ross Tarnowski, ASI’s, Head of Learning and Skills for Engineering and Technology said: “It is great to see Newark Air Museum reach their 50th anniversary and a significant milestone in their rich history. Since opening, the museum has gone from humble beginnings to one of the largest volunteer managed aviation collections in the UK. I am really pleased that the Air & Space Institute has a partnership with the museum which allows our learners access to this unique collection.

The educational benefit for our students is exceptional, and we are already discussing with the museum how the 3D printing of aircraft components (including cockpit switches and covers) can be integrated into supporting the upkeep of such a prodigious collection. Further collaborative projects are planned to ensure that ASI and its students can continue to aid such a valuable local organisation and charity.”

Final preparations for the event are still being refined but NAM volunteers will have lots of open cockpits available for visitors to look at; along with visiting displays and some possible celebrity appearances. Plus, an outdoor Aeroboot aviation sale that will be running on both days, is already filling up with sellers quite nicely and should be a good opportunity to grab some aviation bargains.