The Military Aviation Heritage Networks provide regional ‘peer to peer’ support, discuss common issues, develop mutually beneficial projects and share best practice. They are open to people who manage and operate publicly accessible aviation heritage sites, memorials, museums and attractions devoted to military (and civilian) aviation history.

The Military Aviation Heritage Networks development programme, which is funded by Historic England, aims to publicise existing networks where they already exist and establish new regional networks where they are needed. We are also working on compiling a database of all publicly accessible aviation heritage sites in the UK and working on developing heritage trails to encourage visitors to visit a number of aviation heritage sites in an area.

It began with 11 Group Heritage Network in the South East of England and we are keen to establish further networks in other regions in 2020/21 and promote the activities existing aviation networks.

If you are involved in an aviation heritage heritage site, museum or organisation and would be interested in joining or establishing a group in your area, we would like to here from you, do get in touch.