Below are details of our aviation heritage sites in the Midlands area of the MAHN Central region. The air defence of this area, along with North Wales, was assigned to the RAF Fighter Command 12 Group from 1937.

Please note full details including their address and website for each heritage site are listed in the site directory below the map, in alphabetical order. Some sites open seasonally or irregular hours. Do check their websites for the latest visiting information.

Highlights include:

• World War One bases that defended coastal shipping from submarines, and flew air defence night and day against German airships and bombers
• Bomber, fighter and coastal airfields that played major roles in the bomber offensive against Germany and the maritime war
• The largest concentration of USAAF airfields for the 8th and 9th Air Forces
• Cold War bases for aircraft and missiles that were key parts of the NATO defence network
• Specialist bases involved in the development of technologies such as radar, and the Control & Reporting network for air defence.

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Aviation Museum.

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Aviation Memorial.

Historical Site.

Other / Restoration Site.

The Museum is a memorial dedicated to the personnel of the 306th Bomb Group who operated from Thurleigh during WW2, as part of the Eighth Air Force 40th Combat Wing, 1st Air Division.The Museum is an original building formally used by the 306th BG as a Small Arms ammunition store. We use it today to display artefacts to re-create the activities and atmosphere of the airfield and surrounding areas. Read more

Address: 306th Bombardment Group Museum, Thurleigh Road, Bedford, MK44 1QT


The de Havilland Aircraft Museum’s mission is to preserve and communicate the de Havilland Heritage to ensure that current and future generations of all ages will understand de Havilland’s contribution to innovative British Aviation technology. The de Havilland Aircraft Museum’s volunteers are dedicated to restore de Havilland aircraft and artefacts. The New Hangar as provided additional facilities that has enabled more of our aircraft to be under cover and ensure that the restoration process can continue in all weathers as well as providing our visitors with the opportunity to enjoy practical and informative learning opportunities.The Museum is located next to Salisbury Hall in the Hertfordshire countryside just off Junction 22 of the M25. With lovely wide open spaces and free parking, there is a small café serving hot drinks, sandwiches, pastries & cakes with outdoor picnic tables and a lovely shop stocked with models, diecasts, books, clothing and branded merchandise.We have two huge hangars (the Walter Goldsmith Hangar and the Geoffrey de Havilland Hangar) with most of our collection undercover protecting you and our artefacts from the weather. There is a third hangar (the Amy Johnson Hangar) where you can view our volunteer restoration teams at work.There is an outdoor grass aircraft park with eight other aircraft, some of which we try to make available to visitors when the ground is dry and firm. Read more

Address: de Havilland Aircraft Museum, Salisbury Hall, London Colney, Hertfordshire, AL2 1BU.

Phone: 01727 826 400


Aircraft museum dedicated to British military aircraft of the Cold War and civil aircraft associated with the East Midlands Airport.We also provide a viewing area for the aircraft arriving and departing the airport. Within the Aeropark there are two viewing mounds which are just 170 metres north of the main east/west runway of the airport (runway 09 threshold). The mound at the eastern end of the Aeropark is the height of the airport perimeter fence which gives an unrestricted view across the airport perfect for taking photographs.The Aeropark has a collection of 27 complete air frames on external display within the park with another 5 aircraft under complete restoration and 4 aircraft sections. Inside the hanger there are a number of aircraft engines including a Rolls Royce Avon, Rolls Royce Gem, Rolls Royce Spey, Rolls Royce Viper, Bristol Hercules and Gyron Junior, along with a Link Simulator and numerous other aircraft components, photographs etc.Read more

Address: East Midlands Aeropark, Hill Top, Castle Donnington, Derby, DE74 2PR

Phone: 01332 850 591 (During Aeropark opening hours)


The Harrington Aviation Museum, housed in the former airfield’s Operations Block, comprises the Carpetbagger Aviation and Secret War Museum and a Thor Missile Exhibition, situated in a Thor electrical equipment trailer. The museum offers a rare look at life on this Top Secret base of the 801st/492nd Bombardment Group of the American Eighth Air Force who, during World War 2, dropped by parachute agents and essential supplies to Resistance Groups in German Occupied Europe.We show a 15 minute video of Operation Carpetbagger and offer visitors a guided tour of the museum. Read more

Address: Sunnyvale Farm, Harrington, Northamptonshire, NN6 9PF

Phone: 01604 686 608


The Midland Air Museum as it is today represents many years of dedicated commitment by our volunteers and staff who have helped to establish one of the country's leading self-funded independent aviation museums.Following the arrival of the Vulcan bomber in 1983 and the Argosy freighter in 1987 the museum further developed by moving onto its present site and establishing the Sir Frank Whittle Jet Heritage Centre. MAM became one the first independent aviation museums to achieve the government's Museum and Galleries prestigious registration status in 1990.A World War II Robin Hangar was acquired and erected in 1995 giving the Museum valuable covered space for restoration projects and displays.After a period of consolidation several new exhibits were acquired from the late 1990s onwards including the iconic MiG-21, revolutionary Sea Harrier 'jump jet' and our first all-composite aircraft, the CMC Leopard.We believe it is very important that our museum provides the opportunity for visitors of all ages to experience the world of aviation in a friendly and informal environment. Read more

Address: Midland Air Museum, Coventry Airport, Baginton, Warwickshire, CV3 4FR.

Phone: 024 7630 1033


The Royal Air Force Museum Midlands offers a fun, award-winning day out for all the family.Visit the National Cold War Exhibition with its eye-catching architecture and design.Discover Cold War stories in immersive Hotspots; explore thrilling displays of aircraft, iconic cars, models, tanks and even life-sized Russian dolls.Come and marvel at the world's oldest Spitfire and several other classic aircraft in our War in the Air Hangar.Read more

Address: RAF Museum Midlands, Lysander Ave, Cosford, Shifnal, TF11 8UP.

Phone: 01902 376 200


The museum aims to preserve the history of Sywell Aerodrome and Northamptonshire’s rich aviation heritage from the early days of aviation to the Second World War and beyond. The Museum originally consisted of three Nissen huts, dismantled at the now-closed RAF Bentwaters and erected on site at Sywell. The buildings themselves are artefacts having been used as bomb fuzing sheds at Bentwaters by the USAAF during World War Two. The Museum has expanded in 2010 and 2011 by the addition of two new Nissen huts, formerly POW Camp Huts from Snape Farm, Derbyshire.The first hut (opened during Easter 2011) was named The Paul Morgan Hall and houses the Museum’s cockpit collection and a complete WW2 Link Trainer.The second hall (opened in Easter 2012) includes an expanded USAAF Hall and a new POW/Luftwaffe exhibition.Read more

Address: Sywell aerodrome, Northampton, NN6 0BT.

Phone: 07968 061 708


Walking through the six huge hangars at Shuttleworth, you'll see how aviation design developed from Edwardian times up until the 1950s. Don't miss the 1909 Blériot XI, which, along with all of our aircraft, is still airworthy. It's the world's oldest flying aeroplane and it regularly takes the sky at our air shows.The regular flying events at Shuttleworth are amongst the most exciting and atmospheric flying events anywhere in the world.From early 20th century aircraft, cars, buses and motorbikes to steam engines and farm machinery, it's all here for you to discover. Our workshop is always open too, so pop in to say hi and watch us restoring these treasures.Check out the events page on their website for details of upcoming events.Read more

Address: Shuttleworth, Alder Drive, Bigglesworth, Bedfordshire, SG18 9DT

Phone: 01767 627 927


The museum aims to preserve and display items that relate to the history of Royal Air Force Halton. The museum was named in honour of the man who is regarded as the Founding Father of the Royal Air Force, and also who founded the Aircraft Apprentice scheme with which the good name of Halton has often been synonymous.The James McCudden Flight Heritage Centre (JMFHC) has been created to promote air mindedness in RAF recruits, air cadets, school children and other interested parties. It extends the scope of the Trenchard Museum into the explanation of the fundamentals of flight using redundant training aids and equipment. Read more

Address: Trenchard Museum, RAF Halton, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5PG.

Phone: 01296 656 841

The Twinwood Museums comprise a number of collections, including the Glenn Miller Museum, the Twinwood Aviation Museum, and a number of other collections. The museum contains a restored control room overlooking the airfield, RAF displays, an aviation art exhibition, and a room dedicated to Glenn Miller and his music. Take a peek into the 1940's house and be transported back to a typical family home during the war.The annual festival is a ‘must attend’ event.Glenn Miller Museum: We took on the task of transforming the Twinwood Airfield Control Tower back to its original condition, and in 2002, the newly restored and refurbished control tower was opened to the public by Beryl Davis, Glenn's wartime singer. To celebrate this, a Glenn Miller Concert was held, and this was the forerunner of what is now the annual Twinwood Festival. The museum contains a restored control room overlooking the airfield, RAF displays, an aviation art exhibition, and a room dedicated to Glenn Miller and his music.Twinwood Aviation Museum: holds a large collection of RAF and USAAF uniforms and equipment, along with artefacts recovered from German and Allied aircraft crash sites. The museum also has exhibits dedicated to fighter groups such as the "Night Fighter" training unit that was based here, and the 339th Fighter Group, 8th USAAF. Other exhibits include walk-in reconstructions of wartime shops and houses, and other items illustrating the more personal aspects of our aviation history and the "Home Front", giving the visitor an insight into the horrors and hardship faced by the families at home. Take a peek into the 1940's house and be transported back to a typical family home during the war. Read more

Address: Twinwood Road, Clapham, Beds, MK41 6AB

Phone: 01234 824 773


The Wellesbourne Wartime Museum displays a vast array of artefacts from local aircraft digs along with a De Havvilland Vampire T11, Sea Vixen and Provost airframes. The museum is located by the control tower and is usually open on Sundays and Bank holiday Mondays (check website for details).Read more

Address: Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield, Loxley Rd, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9EU