map of UK museum sites

A map illustrating spread of aviation museums and heritage sites open to the public in the UK. At this scale some markers are hidden where they are close to others.

We are compiling a comprehensive list of aviation heritage sites across the UK in order to inform policy, project heritage assets and co-ordinate support for their preservation and access to the public.

The core data is taken from the Birkbeck Mapping Museums database which has gathered historic data on museums in the UK from 1960, drawing on 18 different surveys and data sources. Work is underway to merge this information with another database from Aviation Heritage UK, add listing information from our funders, Historic England, add geo-demographic data on site locations and cross-check with published aviation directories. We are delighted to be working in partnership with the above organisations on the project.

Postgraduate researchers from Birkbeck, University of London (Joana Antunes and Ashraf Elia) are currently undertaking data collection work, and the list of sites will be made available on this site when the task is completed. Meantime if you possess, or know of any other lists of aviation heritage sites, or have questions about the research, please email Dr Toby Butler at

The data and maps from the Birkbeck Mapping Museums Project is freely available at