Below you will find a list of established regional aviation heritage networks, along with brief details and contact information. If you are interested in joining a group you can either get in touch directly with the group concerned or fill out the ‘join our network‘ online form. If you would be interested in joining a new regional group if none exist in your area, please let us know.

11 Group Heritage Network (South East)

11 Group logoEstablished in 2019, this group contains a wide range of aviation heritage partners from entirely volunteer led organisations to major centrally funded museums. It currently has 18 members and meets quarterly, with members taking turns to host (if they have the facilities to do so). Zoom attendance is possible for those who can’t make the meeting physically. It has a private Facebook group for member discussion and a public facing Facebook page which has a list of members and promotes member events and announcements. For more information email

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire logoBrought together in 2009, Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire is a unique Partnership of County Council, military, commercial and volunteer heritage centres and museums located around the county and promoting the great aviation heritage that Lincolnshire has to offer. Members meet regularly and have jointly developed numerous themed guides, trails and educational programmes.